About Us

Hither Mann

Founder & CEO Fortune Academy

Hither Mann was a self made multi-millionaire by the age of 25. She achieved financial freedom in only 3 years after building a multi-million pound property portfolio from the ground-up using no-money down strategies that were rife pre-2008. However, the property industry consumed a lot of her time and thus she was looking for a way to create wealth and still have the time to invest in herself and her self-education.

She came across the world of financial trading in 2008 much by accident and discovered how you could make the same money if not more in just 2 hours a day compared to her previous 18 hour day lifestyle. (Of course depending on your account size and risk management employed).

Learning this initially came with a lot of expensive mistakes and thus, to learn to the highest level in financial trading meant she had to form an alliance with some of the largest hedge funds in the City. This came at a price of £7.8million, using a property consortium she had built up over the years.

Never wanting to go into education at this point, she was baffled by the lack of calibre and the poor quality of strategies being taught in the retail market at the time which were unrecognised by the banks but made money for the educator alone.

Hither made it her personal challenge to change the way the retail market was being educated by providing trading capital to students once they displayed consistent growth.

Fortune Academy is the world’s FIRST lifetime financial trading company that allows students to repeat the training at no extra cost and get advanced level coaching for as long as they need to, to become successful, consistent traders.

Hither Mann created Fortune Academy based on this aspect alone since no other education provider was willing to extend to lifetime education for their students. Hither believes successful trading takes a long time and asks all students to commit to a 3 year window to see successful results consistently thereafter. You make money immediately after the training but the trading psychology is something that takes up to 3 years to establish to a solid level.