Hither Mann’s Fast Track Forex is selected as the best online trading course by YAHOO FINANCE


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Thank you to YAHOO FINANCE for selecting Fast Track Forex as the BEST FOREX ONLINE TRADING COURSE worldwide right now!

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With the COVID Pandemic causing so many people to learn a new skill online, forex trading is one of the 6 BEST skills you can pick!

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Fast Track Forex has been dubbed the world’s best trading system for beginners, literally a step-by-step home study course where you can learn to trade the forex market with no previous experience needed. 

The risk management system has been proven to work 100% every time and is the safest trading system you can get – I.e. you will never lose more money than you’ve planned to risk. Profitable Results can be seen after 24-48 hours and Fortune Academy is so confident in this Fast Track Forex system that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Best for the savvy entrepreneur or self-employed contractor that wants to make their money grow faster than just sitting in the bank, or worse giving it to a money manager to invest.

Hither Mann Gives Some Quick Tips to Aide Prioritizing Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur


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hither mann

Mental health has become an underlying issue that is typically avoided in the world today, and in business, especially. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can make a contribution to her or his community. Entrepreneurs are two times more likely to suffer from mental health issues than regular people. Unfortunately, many business people are unwilling to seek help for their psychological problems for different reasons, one of them being stigma.

Hither Mann, CEO of Fortune Academy and Mental Health Charity Founder, has dealt with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety in her teenage years and early twenties and is not afraid to shine the light on the matter. Becoming the World’s First Female Trader & Educator, and the Award Winning Entrepreneur of 2019 by the UK House of Lords did not come easy. Watching her male mentors in the banking industry go through addictions for drugs and women due to their financial stresses only fueled her desire to change how the working population deal with money problems since this hasn’t been tackled successfully yet. She shared some of her tips to ensure you are at the top of your game mentally.

Get Enough Sleep

Most entrepreneurs, because of the many goals they have to accomplish, ignore creating good sleeping habits. It’s not the first time you have heard that a good night’s sleep can help you stay calm and more focused. Sleep has a direct impact on your mood. Studies show that sleep deprivation can lead to irritability, anxiety and anger management issues. As an entrepreneur, you need to deal with dynamics from employee relations, partners in business, unexpected financial and legal stress and thus lack of sleep would only hinder your ability to deal with all these areas successfully,.
Getting adequate sleep will also have a positive effect on your decision making, memory, make you less prone to developing cardiovascular diseases, obesity and even boost your immunity. All these factors are vital in creating a successful entrepreneur. The old belief that “I’ll sleep when I die” will definitely cause you to live an unhappy and shorter life, so ensure you listen to your body and sleep a sufficient level daily. I for one, will always sleep 7 to 8 hours or as long as my body feels it needs to feel re-vitalised.

Watch your Caffeine Consumption

When we hear the word caffeine, it’s clear that the subject is coffee, tea, or the many brands of energy drinks out there. Caffeine is known for some of its positive effects like reducing the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, and serving as an antioxidant in the body, eliminating harmful free radicals that damage cells. However, having an unregulated amount of caffeine can have some negative effect on an entrepreneur’s productivity.

While that cup of coffee will make you alert and feeling less tired when you wake up, it may affect your sleeping pattern if taken close to bedtime. We’ve already seen what inadequate sleep will do to an entrepreneur. You will eventually end up needing another cup of coffee to solve the next morning’s fatigue issues. If that happens repeatedly, it will only lead to dependency, caffeine tolerance, and adrenal fatigue. The effects of coffee last up to eight hours, so the recommendation is not to drink any after 2 pm. Most caffeinated beverages contain a lot of calories, which may cause weight and cardiovascular problems. If you need to quench your thirst, choose water over other options.

Take Time to Experience Nature

It is a known fact that nature has a way of clearing the mind. Exposing yourself to the outdoor natural marvels is one way to develop a healthy mind as an entrepreneur. Being in nature decreases stress levels, improves mood, relieves fatigue, increases creativity, and makes people more gracious. Experiencing nature reduces activity in the prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain that is usually active during rumination (repetitive thoughts that focus on negative emotions).

There are many ways you can integrate nature into your daily routine. One of the healthiest ways to tap into nature is by exercising outdoors. Take a jog in a park or even do yoga at the beach. Meditate and take a minimum of ten minutes a day in nature. The benefits are countless, and getting to your entrepreneurial goals will be much easier.

Hither Mann founder and CEO of Fortune Academy empowering a culture of financial freedom


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Almost everyone with a traditional nine to five job has dreamt of quitting and turning their hobby or talent into a business. However, taking the first step into financial freedom is not that easy. To some, especially women dependent on their spouse, the idea of cutting off the shared income can be frightening. For centuries, marrying a wealthy man was a woman’s only path to financial security. Every woman owes it to herself to find her financial freedom, and now is the best time to do it.

Most people go to work because if they don’t, there will be no food at the table and no rent for a roof over their heads. It doesn’t have to be so. Hither Mann, founder, and CEO of Fortune Academy, is empowering individuals, especially women, to choose a lifestyle with financial freedom. Her real-life experiences have made her understand what women and girls go through in a man’s world.

Her Story

Hither has not always been the successful woman she is today. She worked her way up from literally nothing. Growing up, her parents had trouble making ends meet. Consequently, Hither developed an interest in money and real business skills. That is when she realized those things didn’t get taught in any school. In addition to the financial issues, Hither was the underdog in her family. She learned to use that to her advantage, and no one saw what was coming.

The realization that existing problems can’t get solved with the same mindset that created them had her go against the cultural norms in which she got brought up. Once the underdog of her family, she went into business with the same attitude in the male-dominated industry. Now Hither is the World’s First Female Trader and Educator, Multiple Business Owner, Mental Health Charity Founder, and the Award Winning Entrepreneur of 2019 by UK House of Lords. Quitting her job and venturing into property, tech, financial trading, and now IPOs has been her best decision yet.

It’s About The Freedom

“For me, the most rewarding part is being involved in the journey when it comes to helping someone grow mentally, to be enlightened about their relationship with money and have a much wider perspective on life. It’s ultimately about showing people they are bigger than money and it’s about enjoying their lives by creating a fulfilling way of making money, that’s what makes this whole process so worthwhile.” – Hither Mann

hither mann

Contrary to what most people might think, financial freedom is about more than the money and everything else that comes with it. What you want deep down is the freedom to be yourself and live life on your terms. When you get that, you achieve the ultimate fulfillment of life. Some women lose sight of who they once dreamt of becoming because they are busy putting others first. You can play the role of parent, spouse, employee, friend, guardian, and still pursue your passion in life. It is vital for your mental health too.

Hither became aware that she was living an unhappy life and realized early on after her professional medical qualification, that she had to quit her well-paying job as an optician. The lack of freedom caused her mental health issues, and money was not the answer. Venturing on her own into property and financial trading was the only way to keep her mental health in check and attaining the ultimate financial freedom. Do not let your dreams slip, chase them, and fit money around that. It’s not only about the money. Examine your attitude towards money.

hither mann

Disrupting the Financial World

Hither’s plan for the future is all about leading by example. Instead of just complaining of the under representation of women in the financial industry, she has decided to take action. Only an empowered woman can empower women. Hither is already creating the first asset management fund for women regulated  in Switzerland. It is founded by herself and other female ex Goldmann Sachs and Credit Suisse executives, so fully female owned and run, but does not prevent men from becoming clients.

Hither explains that Fortune Academy is not just about forex, the Academy is all about creating wealth through different asset classes, but more than anything, creating a congruent and free lifestyle.

She plans to take public a group of legal, medical, and construction firms in Europe and the US. That involves listing them on the London or New York stock exchange. Hither’s ultimate goal is to be the example she wanted as a teenager and to inspire other women through Fortune Academy to be like her, if not better.


Every woman should build everything they need themselves. Get a financial education and be comfortable talking about money. One of the most powerful things women can learn is to let go of all the things they think they want and strive toward financial freedom. There is no reason you should be stressing about money. Make work an option and not a necessity for paying the bills.

Here’s Why working with Hither Mann and Fortune Academy will take your finances to the next level


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Hither Mann

When many of us think about health and wellness, we rarely put money in the equation. Instead, we think about exercise, nutrient-rich foods, regular checkups, and getting enough sleep. Our mindset reflects on what our relationship with money is. You might want monetary comfort, but you might not be acting in ways that bring you closer to your objectives. While being money conscious is always a good idea, the stress that accompanies it is not healthy. Now is an excellent time to reassess who is helping you make your financial decisions. Fortune Academy, by Hither Mann, is the world’s first-lifetime wealth education provider. Once you’ve completed a course or training it doesn’t stop there, you will have access and opportunities to return to upcoming events in the future and be involved with new seminars offered to other students. This is where the real value lies since you are always being refreshed with up-to-date information and learnings.

Ditching the Traditional Route to Financial Wellness

How many times have you contemplated leaving your depressing job for something better? Almost all of us have been there. Where life is so dreary that you’d give anything to get a break. Hither Mann’s life is the perfect depiction of this scenario. Hither is a professionally trained medical practitioner; she worked as an Optician before quitting to follow her dreams. “I was seriously depressed about the lifestyle I had before freeing myself,” she says. “It was the lack of creativity in the industry I was in, and how it rendered me unable to live on my terms that made me feel trapped,” Hither recounts. She ventured into Property and Financial Trading from 2004 and 2008 respectively and always learned from powerful mentors in the industry. Hither discovered the actual value of freedom, both financially and emotionally. For the first time in her life, she had created herself an income without the need for a traditional job. That’s what led her to want to inspire others to also do the same, she stepped into the wealth education industry in 2014  and eventually created Fortune Academy in 2016  “At Fortune Academy, my clients quickly find out that for the first time in their lives, they can wake up one morning and decide not to work, and still feel financially safe—if, of course, they put in the needed effort,” she says. Hither’s dream was to end the vicious cycle of trading time for money, which everyone she knew, including herself, was trapped in.

hither mann

Today, Hither is not only proving that you don’t need the traditional system, but she is also pioneering a move to use investment in financial trading as the solution to a lack of financial education. 

Hither is an international speaker on the wealth education market and has spoken to over 50,000 people in her live event audiences, not counting the huge influx of online events she also hosts to spread the message of financial education.

Mending Your Worsening Relationship With Money 

As far as people say they want to be rich, Hither knows one thing for sure—the desire to be financially stable always precedes the desire to get rich. “My clients tell me they want to be rich,” she says. “There is, of course, that underlying desire, but none of them understand they have to correct their relationship with money, which is usually bad at the point when I meet them,” Hither asserts. Just as a relationship with yourself, friends, family, and your money requires time and effort, so does a relationship with your finances. It is possible to attain financial health in a way that you have a conscious, purposeful, and satisfying relationship with money.


There’s a big difference between dreaming of becoming rich and being committed to having financial independence. Understanding this difference is critical to accumulating wealth and preparing yourself for your future. To understand this, you need first to establish a healthy “Money Mindset”. At Fortune Academy, Hither teaches her clients how to change their mindset about money. She created the #mindsetbeforemoney slogan to make her clients understand that to take their finances to the next level, they have to change their mindset about money. This change, in return, “creates an internal environment that is conducive for wealth creation.” Everyone who works with Hither knows that this is the first obstacle they need to overcome to achieve lasting financial freedom. 

Money is easy to earn if you do a few things right, and it will forever elude you if you ignore these basic principles. To have income, you must have the right mindset. And once you have that, you can take the next steps to make your money effortlessly grow for you and your ideal future . . .

If you want to learn more about how to create lifelong financial freedom, join Hither on Fortune Academy and take your finances to the next level.

HITHER MANN Founder & CEO of Fortune Academy talks about How to Navigate the World of Business as a Female Professional in 2020


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It’s no secret that the business world is predominantly male-driven. Women face challenges in the workplace that men are less likely to face, and that’s a fact. Many women neglect to chase the dreams they once had to play other roles set out for them in the family and society. Thankfully, this hasn’t slowed down women from navigating the business world and succeeding in the workplace right next to their male counterparts. Times are changing, and women from far and wide are rising to excellence as entrepreneurs.

Women in business today are a crucial part of the world economy. Research shows that the US has more than 12.3 million women-owned businesses generating over $1.8 trillion a year. Many might not know it, but over 40% of US businesses are women-owned. Today, depending on a spouse for a shared income is not a woman’s only shot at financial stability and freedom. The men in business are not making it easier for women, however. Some men are intimidated by the idea of a woman in power, thus doing whatever it takes to keep them down. But the twenty-first-century woman should not be swayed away from her dreams by such factors. In fact, it should be their fuel for achieving more.

An example to all aspiring female entrepreneurs is Fortune Academy’s CEO and founder; Hither Mann. Hither was the world’s first female trader and educator and was often the only woman working in male-dominated platforms. Here she shares her story.

It's Okay to Be the Underdog

This multiple business owner and mental health advocate came from the ground up to where she is today. Since her days as a young girl, she was the underdog in her family. There is nothing wrong with being the underdog; you are actually in a better position. That especially applies when you are the only or one of the few women in your space. Not many people will notice your presence or see you as a threat. Most men will be ignorant of the idea of a woman outranking them in the workplace. That gives you the chance to go for what you want, and they won’t like it.

Do not be afraid because you lack experience in the field. No one will permit you to do what you want either, so there is no need to ask. Hither took her underdog attitude and applied it into the business world, turning her into an award-winning serial entrepreneur. In 2019, she was awarded the Best Entrepreneur of the Year by the UK House of Lords. 

They Will Never See You As An Equal

 The biggest challenge facing women in business and at the workplace is that men tend not to take them seriously. Many men, especially in the financial industry will see a professional woman and take her for a receptionist or secretary. A good female entrepreneur will know how to capitalize on such situations. They will think that you are naive and will never see or treat you as an equal. Others will go to the extent of mocking you to intimidate you and get you to where they want—the good thing is that you can learn and take over by surprise. You will come to learn that dominating a room full of men is not as hard as you might think. Separate the people you want to work with from those that want to pull you down. Not every man will be out to degrade you. I have found some incredible supporting men in the financial industry but my gosh, there are far and few between.

Go In Not As An Equal But As Someone Way More Powerful

Many people will look down on you because you are female, but these experiences should serve as the fuel you need to claim your potential. After working in places where she is the only woman in the room, Hither has learned that an all-male boardroom is the easiest to control. If you have conviction, you will dominate. Don’t let them get to you. There’s nothing like having someone telling you that you aren’t good enough or will never amount to anything to awaken the tigress in you. You have to be bigger and stand your ground.


For generations, women have been overlooked in business, but the tides are changing, and more women are moving up becoming thought leaders in the entrepreneurial world. Now is your time.

How to survive as a small business during the Corona Virus?


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It’s probably the first and only time that you’re forced to take a step back from your business – but try not to make this a huge threat or scare! Instead, take the opportunity to reflect and priorities the key elements of your business model right now. 

The trick here is to move away from traditional business models that keep your business stagnant at uncertain times like this…

Some of the typical businesses that may be significantly affected are those that are client-facing service models such as restaurants, hairdressers, mechanics, etc. 

There are a few tips and new ideas anyone can implement into their business and transition their model into one that is more digital-savvy! 

Build a better relationship with your current clientele through continuous communication.

We know it can sometimes be a daunting task to advertise your services on social media or uploading videos of yourself to promote your business, but this doesn’t need to be as intense. 

Let’s take the example of a woman who runs a hairdressing salon with several loyal customers.

This is the time where the data of your customers is going to be crucial. Many people surprising today still don’t have an email address for the clients they work with, but that shouldn’t stop your mission to create a communication base. Even if you have mobile phone numbers, that’s a start – you can use SMS and messaging services to begin the communication and prompt customers to register their email addresses. This will be the foundation of your client mailing list. 

Now think of a way to create a ‘crash course’ or a ‘do it yourself at home’ tutorial filled with professional tips and tricks. Customers are more engaged with content that comes from a trusted hairdresser rather than any random video they find on YouTube. 

There is always hesitation when it comes to ‘going public’ online or social media, but that doesn’t need to be so daunting especially when your communication is going out to only your well-known customers who you see on a more regular basis. To avoid this initial tedious phase, make a private community on Facebook Group to assure you that your content is only reaching trusted customers and this leaves you feeling less exposed. It also gives you more peace of mind when it comes to unwanted or negative media backlash. 

A subscription model would work great here, whether it’s weekly or even monthly content you are creating and sharing with your customer base. The main focus here is to keep up communications with clients who have new issues to deal with their hair now that they no longer can visit the salon!

Now let’s talk numbers… 

On average each client probably spends £100 every 6-8 weeks on their hair treatments. 

If you were to receive 100 subscribers paying £15 per month, potential income would become £1,500 every month. 

The key to success here is to deliver quality and beneficial content, one which attracts more subscribers to your model. 

On a final note, I’d just like to reassure you that these unforeseen circumstances in recent weeks have left people and businesses feeling uncertain to face new challenges, but there is always time to prepare and plan ahead. 

Adaptation during this time is so important! After all, it’s the survival of those businesses that are able to evolve – are the ones that survive the storm. 

Follow the link below to discover how you can get the help you need:


Get in touch with Hither on to find out ways the Fortune Academy can help you and your business build that necessary relationship and communication with customers. 

There are lots of 1:1 mentorship offers and courses available – all bespoke to your businesses and individual needs.