Forex Pinnacle Pro

Forex Pinnacle Pro Course


Do you want a more engaging, immerse learning experience? Then try Fortune Academy’s Forex Pinnacle Pro webinar.

Flat Webinar Concept 1
Flat Webinar Concept 1


This course is designed to take you to an intermediate/advanced level of trading level, suitable for beginners and current traders since the information will cover basic level to quite in-depth detail that any trader of any level can benefit from.

Please note that some the basic level content may be covered in The Wealth Building Workshop if you have attended that. Ultimately a refresher is designed to get everyone on the same page before you progress to a higher level of trading expertise.

Over the three days you will cover:

Basic level: Introduction to Forex

  • introduction to trading financial markets
  • difference between forex and stock markets
  • candlestick charts
  • difference between fundamental and technical trading
  • why trade forex – how it can supplement your financial streams
  • what characteristics you need to acquire to be a good trader
  • why traders fail – huge learning points
  • what is expected of you to trade

Advanced level – Why Trading Psychology is so important

  • trading psychology – what does this mean and how much emphasis it has on your trading
  • why does psychology matter
  • tools for trading psychology
  • when to trade – how to tailor this for you
  • getting into peak state to trade

Advanced Level – Trading Journal

  • how to create a trading journal – what needs to go into this

Basic level – Chart setup

  • how to set up your charts and why
  • trading off your phone or your laptop – the pros and cons
  • synching your phone to your laptop
  • introduction to your broker
  • introduction to your trading software
  • how to deal with software problems

Basic level – The role of a broker

  • different types of trading strategies – good vs bad
  • retail vs institutional trading
  • where to find fundamental news that matters
  • introduction to broker – retail user – bank relationships
  • how not all brokers are good for you

Advanced level – Institutional trading strategies

  • institutional trading strategy 1 – medium term trading
  • institutional trading strategy 1 – long term trading
  • setting up the trading strategy onto your charts
  • differences between live and demo trading – why it matters

Advanced Level – Risk Management

  • risk management – why it is the most essential part of your journey
  • tailoring your risk management for your portfolio
  • The Rolling Risk Management Strategy
  • taking a live trade on your account
  • Risk Disclaimer from brokers: trading cfds on leverage involves significant risk of loss to your capital.

Advanced Level – Introduction to Allocation Rules

The most institutional and professional approach to trading is in the knowledge of understanding the difference between a RISK ON and RISK OFF economical climate and thus the bias of any trades taken. Knowing how to balance the two sentiments in any strategy is vital to prevent sudden financial news to ruin the position of a portfolio.

Advanced Level – Introduction to Portfolio Analysis

This is a procedure carried out on all open positions and in particular ‘new’ possible trades to add to the portfolio.

  • this procedure works hand in hand with the allocation rules
  • forms an essential new part of your trading journal
  • individual currency analysis
  • individual trade analysis

Advanced Level – Live trading psychology

  • combining the two strategies together
  • what to expect next – once the trading journey begins
  • how to deal with losing trades

Advanced Level – PPT Facebook group

  • Tracking your trades – best software to use
  • Using the software with your phone and laptop
  • Your coaches on PPT
  • Introduction to Precision level trading – what to do for that journey to begin
  • Knowing when you are ready to go to the super advance level of trading
  • Tools to know if trading is positively affecting your life

Advanced Level – Financial blueprint reprogramming

  • How to adapt the mindset of a wealthy individual
  • Money Management Method – a tool for daily use
  • Morning routines – how to tailor yours to match the peak performance of your capability
  • how to get to trade institutional funds – the journey to achieve that
  • What is achievable in the institutional realms
  • Setting up a managed trading account
  • The Wealth Inner Circle – what other areas in your life are available for you to upgrade to !

Please note the following:

  • you will be required to sign an NDA at the very start of your program due to the high confidentiality of the program content.
  • Due to the latter, there will be no course handouts since this will open the possibility to plagiarism which is forbidden.
  • You will be provided with a booklet and paper on the day
  • You will require your own laptop and any other electronic device you wish to trade with so that the set up is possible.
  • You must have a downloaded version of the broker software to use on the days.
  • You must deposit some live funds to trade with during the three days

Fortune Academy Lifetime Membership

We take great pride in Fortune Academy’s (FA) lifetime membership programs. They are designed to help you recap the knowledge you feel is necessary in case you need extra confidence.

There will be some terms to note however:

  • The FA team hold the right to terminate your membership with no reimbursement at anytime due to the following basis:
  • Rude/derogatory behaviour towards staff or coaches part of Fortune Academy at any time online or in person.
  • The FA team will occasionally postpone your recap sessions in favour of new students to ensure a high quality training session at all times.
  • You may only attend a recap session if booked in with your Relationships Manager. No attendance will be allowed otherwise.
  • You may attend just a single strategy recap if you need, however please note, there is no guarantee of day or time this will be covered. Priority for content will occur for the new students on the training days.
  • There may be filming carried out by Fortune Academy during the training days. No other filming by any other party will be permitted. If you have any concerns related to filming please inform the FA team prior to the start of the training.