Almost everyone with a traditional nine to five job has dreamt of quitting and turning their hobby or talent into a business. However, taking the first step into financial freedom is not that easy. To some, especially women dependent on their spouse, the idea of cutting off the shared income can be frightening. For centuries, marrying a wealthy man was a woman’s only path to financial security. Every woman owes it to herself to find her financial freedom, and now is the best time to do it.

Most people go to work because if they don’t, there will be no food at the table and no rent for a roof over their heads. It doesn’t have to be so. Hither Mann, founder, and CEO of Fortune Academy, is empowering individuals, especially women, to choose a lifestyle with financial freedom. Her real-life experiences have made her understand what women and girls go through in a man’s world.

Her Story

Hither has not always been the successful woman she is today. She worked her way up from literally nothing. Growing up, her parents had trouble making ends meet. Consequently, Hither developed an interest in money and real business skills. That is when she realized those things didn’t get taught in any school. In addition to the financial issues, Hither was the underdog in her family. She learned to use that to her advantage, and no one saw what was coming.

The realization that existing problems can’t get solved with the same mindset that created them had her go against the cultural norms in which she got brought up. Once the underdog of her family, she went into business with the same attitude in the male-dominated industry. Now Hither is the World’s First Female Trader and Educator, Multiple Business Owner, Mental Health Charity Founder, and the Award Winning Entrepreneur of 2019 by UK House of Lords. Quitting her job and venturing into property, tech, financial trading, and now IPOs has been her best decision yet.

It’s About The Freedom

“For me, the most rewarding part is being involved in the journey when it comes to helping someone grow mentally, to be enlightened about their relationship with money and have a much wider perspective on life. It’s ultimately about showing people they are bigger than money and it’s about enjoying their lives by creating a fulfilling way of making money, that’s what makes this whole process so worthwhile.” – Hither Mann

hither mann

Contrary to what most people might think, financial freedom is about more than the money and everything else that comes with it. What you want deep down is the freedom to be yourself and live life on your terms. When you get that, you achieve the ultimate fulfillment of life. Some women lose sight of who they once dreamt of becoming because they are busy putting others first. You can play the role of parent, spouse, employee, friend, guardian, and still pursue your passion in life. It is vital for your mental health too.

Hither became aware that she was living an unhappy life and realized early on after her professional medical qualification, that she had to quit her well-paying job as an optician. The lack of freedom caused her mental health issues, and money was not the answer. Venturing on her own into property and financial trading was the only way to keep her mental health in check and attaining the ultimate financial freedom. Do not let your dreams slip, chase them, and fit money around that. It’s not only about the money. Examine your attitude towards money.

hither mann

Disrupting the Financial World

Hither’s plan for the future is all about leading by example. Instead of just complaining of the under representation of women in the financial industry, she has decided to take action. Only an empowered woman can empower women. Hither is already creating the first asset management fund for women regulated  in Switzerland. It is founded by herself and other female ex Goldmann Sachs and Credit Suisse executives, so fully female owned and run, but does not prevent men from becoming clients.

Hither explains that Fortune Academy is not just about forex, the Academy is all about creating wealth through different asset classes, but more than anything, creating a congruent and free lifestyle.

She plans to take public a group of legal, medical, and construction firms in Europe and the US. That involves listing them on the London or New York stock exchange. Hither’s ultimate goal is to be the example she wanted as a teenager and to inspire other women through Fortune Academy to be like her, if not better.


Every woman should build everything they need themselves. Get a financial education and be comfortable talking about money. One of the most powerful things women can learn is to let go of all the things they think they want and strive toward financial freedom. There is no reason you should be stressing about money. Make work an option and not a necessity for paying the bills.