It’s probably the first and only time that you’re forced to take a step back from your business – but try not to make this a huge threat or scare! Instead, take the opportunity to reflect and priorities the key elements of your business model right now. 

The trick here is to move away from traditional business models that keep your business stagnant at uncertain times like this…

Some of the typical businesses that may be significantly affected are those that are client-facing service models such as restaurants, hairdressers, mechanics, etc. 

There are a few tips and new ideas anyone can implement into their business and transition their model into one that is more digital-savvy! 

Build a better relationship with your current clientele through continuous communication.

We know it can sometimes be a daunting task to advertise your services on social media or uploading videos of yourself to promote your business, but this doesn’t need to be as intense. 

Let’s take the example of a woman who runs a hairdressing salon with several loyal customers.

This is the time where the data of your customers is going to be crucial. Many people surprising today still don’t have an email address for the clients they work with, but that shouldn’t stop your mission to create a communication base. Even if you have mobile phone numbers, that’s a start – you can use SMS and messaging services to begin the communication and prompt customers to register their email addresses. This will be the foundation of your client mailing list. 

Now think of a way to create a ‘crash course’ or a ‘do it yourself at home’ tutorial filled with professional tips and tricks. Customers are more engaged with content that comes from a trusted hairdresser rather than any random video they find on YouTube. 

There is always hesitation when it comes to ‘going public’ online or social media, but that doesn’t need to be so daunting especially when your communication is going out to only your well-known customers who you see on a more regular basis. To avoid this initial tedious phase, make a private community on Facebook Group to assure you that your content is only reaching trusted customers and this leaves you feeling less exposed. It also gives you more peace of mind when it comes to unwanted or negative media backlash. 

A subscription model would work great here, whether it’s weekly or even monthly content you are creating and sharing with your customer base. The main focus here is to keep up communications with clients who have new issues to deal with their hair now that they no longer can visit the salon!

Now let’s talk numbers… 

On average each client probably spends £100 every 6-8 weeks on their hair treatments. 

If you were to receive 100 subscribers paying £15 per month, potential income would become £1,500 every month. 

The key to success here is to deliver quality and beneficial content, one which attracts more subscribers to your model. 

On a final note, I’d just like to reassure you that these unforeseen circumstances in recent weeks have left people and businesses feeling uncertain to face new challenges, but there is always time to prepare and plan ahead. 

Adaptation during this time is so important! After all, it’s the survival of those businesses that are able to evolve – are the ones that survive the storm. 

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