‘TAKE A BREAK from trading’ – you’ll be surprised I say that to so many individuals that are on my top level mentorship. These are the reasons why:

  • You’re on a winning streak and have made more than 30% on your account in a month (it can happen just not every month)
  • When you’re on a winning streak, the human emotion of GREED kicks in for everyone, or at least ‘too much confidence’ in trading.
  • When you think you’re made from the gods after hitting a winning streak, you’re most likely to have the biggest fall ever in the following months through complacency or ‘taking your eye off the ball’
  • You may have recently just had a disruption in your private life which can rock your trading experience if you’re not as strong emotionally.

This is where a mentor like me can optimise your performance because I know first hand the effects of all the above on my trading experience when it started in 2008 till now. I lost £200k in 2 days back around that time  through complacency and EGO based trading. Only when I got myself a mentor and a solid 3 years worth of ‘learning’ (I’ve never stopped since), did I start seeing the results of £9000 turnaround in 2 hours. That is why Fortune Academy offers LIFETIME training since I know for a fact, you can’t master trading in a 12 month mentorship or less, as I’ve seen other people offer.

My reason for teaching students is empowering for me to watch for one, but on a business level I celebrate success since I add capital into my top traders student accounts and split the profits between me and them. The students are ultimately my biggest assets; I will do whatever I can to get them to the top, if of course they have what it takes.

This industry doesn’t take prisoners, and nor do I. Hence I make it so difficult for you to be part ! I’ll show you what I want from my new traders on March 31st in London!

Get your tickets now:(tickets start from FREE)  https://www.fortuneacademy.co.uk