There are many FAKE profiles on social media that impersonate Hither Mann and Fortune Academy which will entice you to give your money to them for either “bitcoin mining” or other “manage forex accounts”. 

This is STRICTLY AGAINST Fortune Academy policies and we do NOT take deposits from anyone to trade your money or for bitcoin/crypto mining. Fortune Academy is an EDUCATION ONLY service which will teach you how to trade your OWN money and we will never take your money for investment into financial services or brokerage accounts!

Fortune Academy only offers it’s services through an event (webinar/workshop) with Hither Mann herself where she carefully selects the students she works with under her lifetime education service!

Please stay clear and report all profiles who offer this.

Hither Mann’s social media links are clearly shown in the image below!

Be safe and we wish you SUCCESS in your financial journey always!

Love Hither x

Fortune Academy’s Courses

Welcome to the Fortune Family!

Fortune Academy is the world’s first LIFETIME financial education provider. It has taught over 15000 students since 2016 and has successfully created profitable trader, business owners and investors in many industries.

Fortune Academy events are held primarily in London where people from all over the world travel to benefit from the wealth education provided by Hither Mann and her “Fortune Family”.

Make sure you visit the events page to register for FREE for the next London event to learn the areas we cover from The Millionaire Mindset Program, Financial Trading, Cryptocurrency education and Online Business programs via Ecommerce.

The EXECUTIVE branch of Fortune Academy focusses on Institutional business from IPOs and Private Equity Ventures as well as FinTech companies. Hither offers these events as ‘invite-only” events to a select UHNW audience.

Learn more about all the above at the events in London!

Meet Hither Mann (Founder and CEO)

I grew up in a traditional household where there were many money problems and I knew fro the age of 9 I was going to be super wealthy one day to help my parents out of their difficulties!

I grew up believing that the traditional education system would provide all the answers, but it didn’t. All it gave me was a JOB that I felt very trapped in. So I started my journey in wealth education in the real world, attending seminars and business networking groups from 2004 where I learned real wealth building skills!

I started my wealth creation in the distressed property market and soon built a multimillion pound portfolio by my mid twenties using “no money down” techniques that were rife pre-2008.

The 2008 crash was a blessing in disguise; all my properties survived and remained in positive equity and moreover I came across a new way to create wealth – though the financial markets! My biggest driver is self-education and this industry allowed me to create wealth in a more time efficient manner (although a very difficult industry to master initially).

I used my networking skills to introduce business to and eventually learn 1:1 from a trader in the City of London how to trade the financial markets. Once I mastered this, I have never looked back and the time it has given me to create other businesses and most importantly do the things that matter to me and greater causes has been the best gift in life to date!

Now I am a Founder of a Mental Health Charity which helps people deal with the stress of money problems in their lives (since this was very close to home for me). I also set up Fortune Academy which offers LIFETIME education for wealth education since I found no-one was offering this when I was starting my journey.

My legacy is to help as many people develop a healthy relationship with wealth, understanding the building blocks of sustainable wealth in life so that money never has to get in the way of “living” your best life! Come and meet me at my signature events in London so you can learn more from my incredible Fortune Family!


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