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Many Brits are in a precarious financial position (and may not even realise it) They’re Okay for Now – they have jobs and a house and probably a superfund and modest savings for small emergencies.

But there’s a problem always looming: The Sudden loss of income. And it a very real danger; there are massive layoffs and businesses go under every day. No Job is secure. That’s why anyone who has one source of income (or two if a spouse is working) is in constant danger of losing everything. It CAN be a very stressful way to live.

But you can change your life. By creating multiple streams of income through lifestyle businesses. You can become truly wealthy and never again have to worry about money.

I’m Hither Mann, and I’m going to show you how exactly to do this at the Fortune Academy Live One day Entrepreneur Summit!

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I am a self-made millionaire, who started in property but has since found a love in the world of financial trading, Forex and Cryptocurrancy in particular. I pride myself in the workshops I offer my students, providing them with all the information they need to start trading themselves.


Back in 2008, I discovered the world of financial trading and how I could make the same money in 2 hours of trading as I was making in my 18 hour work day. For me it was an easy choice, as I was craving a lifestyle which gave me time to do more but also finances to support a high flying lifestyle.


When I first started trading, it did come with a lot of expensive mistakes, however, I wanted to continue learning how to trade at the highest level, this lead to me teaming up with some of London’s largest hedge funds. Wanting to trade at the highest level does come at a price, for me it was £7.8 million. I sold the businesses I had built up over the years to fund this.


I initially didn’t see myself going into education, but I was baffled by the lack of calibre and the poor quality of strategies being taught in the retail market at the time which were unrecognised by the banks but made money for the educator alone. I made it my personal challenge to change the way the retail market was being taught by putting my own money into their hands after they learn the strategies I teach them.

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