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Do you want a more engaging, immersve learning experience? Then try Fortune Academy’s cryptocurrency webinar.


Flat Webinar Concept 1
Flat Webinar Concept 1

The Crypto Industry Has Made Many New Millionaires in 2017…Is 2018 Your Year?

Fortune Academy is proud to release the its International, most UP-TO DATE Crypto Program. No matter whether you have already traded the crypto market, or are completely new to this, the CRYPTO MASTERCLASS will improve your understanding and teach you all you need to know to profit heavily from the industry using ‘risk capital’ only of course.

There is simply NO OTHER INDUSTRY that has seen the returns that the Crypto industry has and the best thing is, you don’t need thousands to start! For example, previous students have taken as little as £350 and seen it turn into £3500 in just 6 months! (Jul – Dec 2017). You would be crazy to miss out!

The only caveat I would place on Crypto trading is to use money that you can afford to lose if all went wrong. Cryptos are still in the ‘bubble’ phase and it will soon get regulated, but until that moment happens, there is a lot of money to be made! As you may be familiar, Fortune Academy (myself most importantly) are all about RISK MANAGEMENT and  I don’t believe in crazy ‘get-rich schemes’, so you can be assured there is a SOLID ‘risk-managed’ approach to trading these crypto coins and still make the 10x returns in a relatively short period of time!

Here’s an insight into what you will learn from our Crypto trainer, Habib! (watch video below)

Habib has helped 700 students in 2017 create a wealth of £2.5 million amongst them! He is actively trading and you can follow his results in the Fortune Family Group!

  • 42 ONLINE VIDEOS, over 8 hours long explaining everything from wallets, exchanges, where to find the coins to invest in, a solid strategy for this, to blockchain       technology and ICOS.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home, with all the information available to you instantly!
  • Remember you get LIFETIME SUPPORT on our secret Crypto Masterclass Facebook  Group with Habib and myself too!
  • Latest, weekly Crypto updates will be shared to all users in this group so you never miss out on the new coins to invest in if needed, or to get out of, for that reason.
  • We will UPDATE the course for FREE every time this fast moving market changes significantly, so you can be assured that your knowledge is always up to date!

FORTUNE FAMILY MEMBERS – special announcement in the video below!

Remember all my students get to meet me and Habib every 3 months in the Student ‘Meet-Ups’ in London with all the other students from ALL other courses. We truly celebrate the Fortune Family vibe…so make sure you’re in the group and we will look after you as best we can!