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I have always wanted a public limited company due to my obsession with the financial markets etc, I want people to one day be trading my stock. When it came to the listing process, I saw many disadvantages that SME owners face:

  • Huge fees for getting onto the AIM or OTC markets (London and NYC respectively)
  • The ‘personal wealth’ of a CEO is often tied into the EXIT of the company and not while you’re sacrificing your life creating it.
  • On exiting the company, more than likely the best staff will also leave and the stock price will suffer.

So what is the solution?

Is there a way to create incredible personal wealth alongside your company growth? Is there a way to get onto these MAIN markets (not the AIM etc) without paying in excess of £2mill out of your own pocket?!

This is where The Agglomeration Method enters....

The Agglomeration model is structured to democratize wealth by solving these problems entrepreneurs face in growing their businesses and creating value.

“An Agglomeration combines the best parts of a traditional merger & acquisition (“M&A”) roll up with the benefits of an IPO. The best way to illustrate this model, is as a “collaborative” IPO. Each company must be profitable & debt free, and run by highly talented leaders in their field with a desire to grow their business.”

As part of an Agglomeration, each successful business owner is given the freedom to continue running their own business, helping to ensure that the talent that built the business in the first place, continues to build the business in the future, but allows the company to benefit from share liquidity and many more resources, keeping full control, and the scale opportunities of being part of a larger group with growth advice to boot.

Hither will be working with PE firms, M&A specialists, and IPO teams, to create Vinco Group PLC. This will be an investment strategy in the form of a diversified investment holding company, which has been established to invest in SME’s that are established, profitable, debt free and primed for growth.

The strategy focuses on unlocking growth and value of SMEs, and allowing investment into key growth industries. The model will focus on varied industries to diversify investor risks and more importantly, provide investors with access to a unique portfolio that provides them access to these industries and value to the shareholders and the entrepreneurs.

What Will The Events Involve?

This is an incredible new area for the SME industry to play on the public market. The Fortune Academy Executive events will be designed to show you as a respected invite:

  • The full process in greater detail
  • Whats in it for you as an investor (if you so chose to be)
  • Whats in it for you as a SME owner

As a general rule there is IMMENSE growth and WEALTH involved in this structure for all parties and Unity Group and I are super excited to share this to our exclusive inner circle only!

Due to the exclusivity of these events, no venue or event details will ever be published online, My team and I will personally invite and look after you throughout the process. The last event can be viewed in this YouTube clip below!

I Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!