❝Fortune Academy is a family knit group that work together to improve your overall wealth. I personally have learnt so much and have taken these elements from Fortune Academy to apply to my life and career. Being able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and journeys is so important as you would be surprised with what you can learn. The atmosphere is great and Hither works particularly hard to expose important information which can better your life❞

– Sean Richards

❝Amazing and very productive 3 days doing Pinnacle Pro Trader. Thanks Hitter! Not only learnt clean and well structured trading strategies but also meaningful insights and key aspects to work on to conquer trading and life goals. No tools/strategies can maximise results without the right mindset, that part of the course is key and invaluable. Best of luck with all the coming up projects, looking forward to working together in the near future. Marj xx❞

– Marjory Carrero

❝It was wonderful. The atmosphere was great and supportive & I learnt a lot. I highly recommend this to anyone.❞

King Boateng

❝Fortune Academy is a group of knowledgeable and inspiring people with human warmth – worth every bit of your time.❞

Natércia Francisco

❝I personally enjoy the atmosphere and learning experience of the seminars. It’s an open, friendly experience, not forced to buy anything. Hither is also approachable and you can ask her as many questions as you want. She simplifies her knowledge so that its easier to understand, no wishy washy information.❞

– Jules Chan

❝I attended the seminar and left very inspired. I developed many ideas to make a better financial life for myself and also met many people who have become my friends!❞

– Zsanett Horváth

❝A great place to connect. The seminars were wonderful. It was a great learning experience with friendly and knowledgeable individuals.❞

– V. Crofts

❝I find the experience hugely beneficial and the knowledge being passed down incredibly insightful and useful. Would highly recommend!❞

– Olivier Huband

❝Leading edge training company with courses never seen in the forex education sector. Simply a “must attend” seminar!❞

– Gee Kondel

❝Great place to make connections to better my network, Hither was great❞

Dahlia Labrenz

❝The most authentic and beneficial mindset and wealth building organisation out there! The team are so helpful, I would recommend Fortune Academy to absolutely everyone!❞

George Butler

❝Just right amount of people, it was easy to talk to Hither and get valuable information & the refreshments were great 👍🏼 👍🏼❞

Livi Wait

❝I have known Hither and Fortune Academy since March 2017 and have been very impressed.

Prior to March 2017 I had zero knowledge of Forex.

I have been to a seminar and also taken three sessions in Forex Training and can speak with confidence about the subject. I have a lot of really technical knowledge which I have put into practice and am making money as a result.

Hither and her team are very hands on with their training methods. They explain strategies in Forex on a “one to one” basis in a clear way.

The courses you can take are without any pressure and can be repeated free of charge as many times as you like until you really understand.

Luckily, I have not had to repeat any courses as it is that simple to understand how to trade.

Thank you Hither and here is to an amazing 2018.❞

– Chris Froggatt